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Suport for chiptuners – Tuning files

We can produce modified files based on your original file readout (CMD, KESS,KTAG, ByteShoter, BDM100, BSL100, FG-Tech2,Katana, MPPS, Optican, Tactrix, Dimsport Trasdata, Powergate etc.)
Our fileservice is only for busines customers.

Our power gain (HP an Nm) may not be the highest number on the market but our tuning software is optimised and good chiptuning for sure with thousands of clients satisfied with the result of our work.

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What make us different from many other competitors:

All our files are made individual as the customer desire.
No unrealistc promises on power gains that never can be achieved.
No online-database with standard maps, every request is processed personally.
Working hours also in weekend on request.

What do you need so you can gain acces to our services:

Business registration papers / professional website / proof of running a tuning business.
High quality programming tool (KWP2000 clones are not what we expect / accept).
We can provide tools like IELEC ByteShooter Master, KESS Slave, KTAG Slave, BDM100 & BSL100 from EVC, Optican, Powergate R, SPI Wizzard III etc.

How to proceed on first time order?

Contact us by email info |at| tcmtuning |dot| ro

Send us business registration, copy of ID ( proof of identity) and data for invoice.
Then you will receive our pricing infos.
First order will be done only on payment in advance. Payment can be done by bank transfer or by Paypal.
After payment is done, you will receive the requested tuned file.
On first order please calculate the necessary time for invoice and payment.
Other payment options for regustered customers have to be discussed individually.

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Cu bucurie si precautie avem deschis la sediul nostru si va asteptam cu drag. Totusi, avand in vedere situatia mondiala care perturba interactiunile sociale, va rugam respectuos ca atunci cand ne vizitati sa tineti cont de urmatoarele masuri pe care le-am luat ca sa impiedicam raspandirea noului coronavirus COVID-19.

Masuri pe care sa le respecte clientii in timpul petrecut la sediul TCM Tuning:

  • Sa nu vina insotiti de alte persoane la sediul firmei pentru a evita stationarea in acelasi loc a unui numar mare de persoane.
  • Sa poarte masca si sa o manevreze corect tot timpul petrecut in sediul firmei (masca nu se atinge cu mana neigienizata, se poarta asa incat sa acopere concomitent nasul si gura, inainte de a o folosi se spala mainile, se aseaza corect pe fata asa incat sa nu fie spatii intre masca si fata).
  • Sa se spele pe maini sau sa se dezinfecteze de indata ce au sosit si ori de cate ori considera ca e nevoie.
  • Sa pastreze distanta de minim 1,5 metri fata de alte persoane.
  • Sa respecte data si ora programarii facuta in prealabil asa incat sa se se suprapuna prezenta mai multor clienti in acelasi timp.
  • Sa stationeze in aer liber la foisor pe perioada executarii lucrarii in cazul in care vremea permite.
  • Sa nu se prezinte la sediul firmei daca au semne de boala sau daca sunt contact direct cu o alta persoana cu semne de boala sau confirmat dar asimptomatic. Vom reprograma lucrarea pentru o alta data aleasa de comun acord.
  • Sa respecte regulile de igiena recomandate de autoritati si regulamentul firmei, sa fie onest si responsabil cu privire la conduita.
  • Sa permita masurarea temperaturii, conform CNSU nr. 24 din 14.05.2020 cu privire la triajul epidemiologic in vigoare pana la noi ordine. In caz contrar nu este permis accesul in incinta.

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